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Pedigree of
Cins Cinco DeMayo

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Royal Magic+/ *Serafix (Crabbet)
Royal Fire++ *Royal Silver (Crabbet)
Mysraffa Rasraff (*Raffles)
Quiet Fire Masyra (to *Raseyn)
Laroc Rocinante (to *Raseyn, *Meca)
Laurali Latifa (1x Koheilan, *Menfis)
Farhifa Fertif (1x Koheilan)
Lauyal Fire Farhana (Abu Farwa, *Meca)
sire #568074 El Ray Sol Jdar Bari Brita (*Bariche de Washoe)
Bello Chico *Tafal de Washoe (Spain)
Barinessa Jdar Bari Brita (*Bariche de Washoe)
Spanish Jewell Cantenessa (Al Marah)
Tajman Taj Mahal (Ferseyn)
Taali Tahfara (Abu Farwa, Antez)
Laurali Laroc (1x Koheilan)
Farhifa (1x Koheilan)
Cins Cinco DeMayo
Bay Arabian stallion
Czort Wielki Szlem (Ofir)
*Sambor++ Forta (Kuhaylan Zaid)
Sabellina Abu Afas (Bad Afas)
Sam Tiki Sabda (1x Koheilan)
Kontiki Camelot (*Raseyn, 1x Koheilan)
Kyla Tiki Almiki (Abu Farwa)
Ulankila Ku Ulankaya (*Czubuthan)
MSA Moon Dancer Monat (*Raseyn, 1x Koheilan)
dam #523366 Nabeg Arax (2x Koheilan)
Tron Nomenklatura (Naseem)
Teberda Kontakt (2x Koheilan)
*Paltronaa Teplitsa (2x Koheilan)
Aswan Nazeer (Egypt)
Palma Yosreia (Egypt)
Pokaznaja Knippel (1x Koheilan)
Provincia (3x Koheilan)

As used above, "Koheilan" refers only to direct descendants of the famous Koheilan Adjuze line, imported from Egypt and bred at Babolna, Hungary. This was the premier line in Europe when most of these horses were tragically lost to WWII bombings, making the remaining descendants rare and very sought after by knowledgeable breeders around the world. The lines come to this pedigree through Russia, Poland, Germany, America, and the Netherlands. Cins Cinco DeMayo carries an impressive 17 crosses to this precious blood, 5 of them through *Lassa, the beautiful Koheilan I daughter known as the "Prize of Poland".

The balance of his pedigree speaks for itself, as it is filled with the best Arabian racing lines of several countries (his French racing lines trace back to the early 1800's), and great show performance (and halter) champions with powerful action, many of which are also noted for extreme intelligence and very best dispositions.

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