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Arabian Show Halters
$139 Beaded Set

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Special offer good only on orders placed before July 31, 2005.
Order a Beaded halter set for only $20 more than a Basic halter set,
saving $110 over the regular price!
You may choose any color of halter and up to 3 colors of wirewrap.
The beading available for this offer will be a set of 4,
placed the same as the turquoise beads in the above photo,
in your choice of one of the following semi-precious gemstones,
each lined and capped with sterling silver:

87Jade_purple.jpg - 1559 Bytes
Purple Jade
87Jade_green.jpg - 1575 Bytes
Green Jade
87Jade_lightgreen.jpg - 1243 Bytes
Pale Jade
87Onyx_black.jpg - 1646 Bytes
Black Onyx

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Arabian Show Halters

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