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Buckskin & White Stallion

BBR Emptee Rysk, AKA 'Big Tee'.
2001 Buckskin/White homozygous Stallion.

Sire: Riskey Man, cutting/WCH earner, son RisKey Business.
Dam: Leo, John Berry (as in JR-Colored-Berry!) cutting/reining producer.

If you're looking for cow eatin', flat spinnin', drag-the-butt-in-the-dirt pedigree HERE HE IS! Colt will be small (14.1), COWY, built to drag hind-end. He gets better every day. Disposition plus! You can clip his ears without tieing. Colt is everything everyone says they are looking for in a stud prospect!

Video available.
Others also for sale in Wyoming,
see at Broken Bar Ranch.


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