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Dressage Saddle
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Crosby Prix St. George

Soft-Ride 16.5 inch dressage saddle, dark chocolate brown.
Like new, barely broken in, absolutely gorgeous.
Medium-wide spring tree with high gullet,
actually FITS most horses well.
Includes girth, leathers, irons.
Super comfort.

It is shown in a few of the photos here (with just a thin cloth, no pad, so you can see the true fit better) on a 16.0 hand Arabian with high withers and medium width shoulders for his size, rather like a Thoroughbred build. It also fits great on our 15.0 hand Arab with even higher withers, super short back, and very broad shoulders with lots of extended rotation back under the rider (a very hard horse to fit in a saddle). This saddle seems to have enough curve in the tree to accommodate quite a variety of horses with no pinching or discomfort.

The true color is darker than it appears in most of these photos (which were taken during a red sunset); it is a rich brown like espresso beans. The only flaw on this saddle is a very shallow half-inch scratch on the seat which barely shows and could possibly be burnished out, caused by a cat whose claw dug through the dust cover. This saddle has been kept inside the house, and always cleaned and conditioned with great care. The leather is soft, and the kneepads like butter.

These cost $1,695 new.

Make a reasonable offer, please.

Serious inquiries call Lorri at 509-773-3506
or Email Me

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