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Don't let this AMAZING horse lease get away!!!

Bailey is an AWESOME horse! I'm a 14 year old girl who rides him, and I am in love with him completely!

He does either western / English and can jump like a pro.
He also loves to go out on trails as the barn he is boarded at has miles of them.

He trailers, bathes, stands for crossties or farrier, is awesome for the vet. He stands 15.1 hands high and is a paint gelding with bay and white on him. He has his mane grown out and is a beautiful horse! His laterals are awesome, you couldn't ask for better!

I would buy him except for the fact that I have no money! He is up for lease...You can either board him at the barn where he is at now, or if Shirley, MASS is too far away from you, I am willing to board him at a closer barn, and you can lease him there if you wish. Preferably within 45 minutes of Shirley though.

I have pics of him that I can email you if you wish, so if interested, drop me an Email or call me at 978-425-2531.

Thanx for your time!

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