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Arabian Stallion at Stud
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by Arago Amar Lahib (see photo)
out of Laurali (see photo)

Lauzeer is a 15 hand grey stallion who has an amazing pedigree (please see here, there are links to many photos of ancestors) and sires unusual foals.

He consistently sires foals of quality and substance, with exotic heads as an added bonus. He passes on his perfect legs, broad chest and hips, laid-back shoulder, short back, great feet, and best of all his delightful people-oriented disposition and intelligence. However, his foals rarely look much like either their sire or dam, but take the best features from each and have their own unique look. They are not just pretty, they are ideally built and make every effort to please you.

Lauzeer is the result of outcrossing several complimentary bloodlines which have each been refined through linebreeding, some intensly so. He has The Egyptian Prince on his topline, over a daughter of multi-champion Seahorse Dawn+++ who has 8 lines close up to *Raffles. His dam Laurali was a Pacific Slope champion in many disciplines, and was natural 5-gaited. She carried multiple lines to *Raseyn, Abu Farwa, Antez, Draper Spanish, and 2 close lines to the famous *Lassa. This makes Lauzeer a good dependable nick with an amazing variety of mares with whom he shares lines; Crabbet, CMK, Davenport, Spanish, Egyptian, and old Polish or Russian (especially Koheilan descendants).

Lauzeer throws approximately 40% grey, 30% blood bay, and 30% chestnut (including black liver), and he carries sabino. He has about the same number of colts and fillies. His sons are very sparkly but non-agressive and easy to train, and are proving to be worthy sires themselves, throwing typey foals from even plain mares.

This stallion loves children, babies, elderly, and other animals. He is very much a gentleman, easier to handle and live with than most geldings. He has incredible heart, actually standing fast between me and a bear once. His action is smooth and reachy, dressage-type. Find out why so many have fallen in love with them; this is the true tent-dweller type Arabian that is so rare nowdays.

$1,000 for reg. pure Arab mares
$600 for all other mares
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