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Sorry, we have been informed by Amanda that
*Khammin is no longer at stud!

Sraight Egyptian Stallion
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At Stud: *Khammin (EAI Silvereen x Faaraah Image)
1999 SE/AK/Asil/Blue Sublist Basilisk Stallion

*Khammin is a stunning rose gray with black points. This gorgeous stallion is the epitome of a show horse. He possesses a country pleasure trot so rare in the straight Egyptians. His topline is flawless. His neck is swan-like and set on high. His shoulder is free and at a perfect angle for any discipline, especially for todays popular English classes. His ears are so tippy they almost touch.

*Khammin is $500/$350 LFG, MMD, SPECIAL CONSIDERATION TO QUALITY MARES. Preservation Breeders: We are offering a FREE breeding to Khammin for mares that are Al Khamsa and Saqlawi Jidran in strain and/or Blue Sublist Basilisk. This does not include mare care or semen shipment. Live cover or shipped semen.

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